KLM Social Video

In the fall of 2017 I and a couple of classmates got to work on a fictional assignment for KLM. Part of the project required us to create our own video that could be posted on KLM’s Facebook page. We analyzed several other commercials and social videos from both KLM and competing airlines. We discovered that most social video’s were short, and relied mostly on atmospheric imagery.

The target audience for the social video were people aged 20 – 25. Since this target audience is really diverse, all being in different stages in life, I tried to look at some of their differences. Some people are more focused on their career, while others are already starting families. Also, some people have a bigger budget then others, giving them the resources to travel greater distances.
I tried to mix these four elements into the social video, so a big part of the target audience would feel addressed in some way. We also decided that the video should be between 15 and 30 seconds in length, since the audience would just scroll along if the video would take too long. Lastly, we didn’t want to rely on just atmospheric footage alone, so we added some commercial components.

- Video is spoken and edited in Dutch.

- All video footage is either Royalty Free, or filmed by members of our project group

- The video was edited using Adobe Animate & Premiere